Loving Mother Cheats with Brother-in-Law

October 6, 2010

Written By:  Woman – 40 – Straight – Washington, D.C.

I was a married woman, with small kids. And was very close pals with my husband’s brother, it had been this way for years with us. Then one day while on the phone chatting, the conversation went to a whole other level. He finally confessed his real love for me. I, of course was speechless. He wanted to see me, so I agreed to this meeting. And as soon as his brother, my husband, was out the door for work, I gave him a call, he came over, we talked, and then had our first kiss, which after he released me, I felt faint, causing me to take the seat behind me, as he asked me was I ok?

Hell no, I was not ok, I had just shared a damn passionate kiss with my brother-in law. This sort of meet and kiss, kept going for weeks, non-stop. For weeks anywhere we could be alone, there was the kissing, fondling, soft whispers of love. No one even suspected us because everyone knew we had been close friends for years, so if we were alone together, this was questioned by no one. I mean, even if his wife pulled in the yard and saw my car at her home, it was not a big deal. Not at all. She once told me that she was glad that he had me as a confidant.

OMG…..Little did she know.After about a month of secret meetings with us, the passion grew, and we soon found ourselves in bed. I mean anywhere we could find to fuck, we did. His house, my house, my car, his car, his wife’s bed, my husband’s bed. Anywhere. He was a total freak like me and was open to anything I wanted to do, this was my attraction to him. My husband was so dull when it came to sex. He was not really into oral sex, but his brother ate my pussy like there was no tomorrow…He did things to me his little brother could never measure up to.

Once, I stopped by his house, with several friends of mine, I already knew what time his wife would be home, in other words I knew when she was home, and not home. The day my friends and I dropped in on him, they stood around outside, and I went inside, while I was in there, he quickly got to work on my pussy with his tongue while I watched my friends outside the window on the couch. Told you, he was a freak.

This kind of sex between he and I went on for over 2 years, unnoticed. We were everywhere together. Sometimes while I drove he would play with my pussy. He and his wife would come over to play cards with me and my husband. And he’d always make sure that we sat together. Under the table, he would let his leg touch mine. He was always near me.

I know this affair was so very wrong, but at the time it was so right. We were a hot undercover couple, and I always wished it had been him that I married. That was over 13 years ago. I am now divorced, I raised my kids. And I have happy family life. I was the one however to end it with him finally. I just left. I knew it was wrong and one of us had to stop it. So I did.

I have no contact with him now. But he knows and I know that whatever that was between us, was the most incredible time either of us had ever had. I came clean to my ex after my divorce, but because of his love and trust for his older brother, he has never believed me. Oh well, I tried.

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2 Responses to “Loving Mother Cheats with Brother-in-Law”

  1. john blaze Says:
    January 5th, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    “Oh well, I tried.”

    sure after the divorce…?? if you were already divorced why would u risk him and his brothers relationship. lets say you did marry the older brother you just would have cheated on him with your now ex husband anyways,women are stupid.

  2. Jeff Says:
    July 10th, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    What a whore, if I was yuor husband you would of never gotten custody of those kids.