Unloved Wife Cheats to Find Comfort

March 16, 2011

Written By:  Woman – 39 – Straight – Europe

I am in an unhappy and empty marriage for the sake of my child and convenience. I adore my husband because he is a responsible man. But we have nothing in common. He is not loving to me and rarely is interested in my life and what I find important. Nonetheless, he takes care of me and my child. I respect him and rely on him for comfort. Emotionally, I feel deprived and it seems that my life has no meaning nor anything to look forward to, when it comes to him and me. It is almost impossible for me to imagine growing old with him. I dread to think what will happen when our child leaves home one day and I discovered, I should have left. I tried to leave several times but couldn’t simply because life would be a mess and I want to protect my child. I have been with other men. Most of them are intense and emotional relationships. 1 which lasted for over 2 years. Somehow, I do feel guilty about my behaviour but on the other hand, I feel this is the way I have chosen to cope with the emptiness of my marriage and how we have managed to keep it together. My husband doesn’t touch me physically (for years) and has never expressed passion (not even a kiss for me). I have complained and asked for affection but my request has fallen on dead ears.

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Unfaithful Wife Feels No Guilt

March 14, 2011

Written By:  Woman – 32 – Straight – Maryland, USA

My story is a bit confusing. I married my college sweet heart. While I love him, I know I am not in love with him. Over the years our love has changed. I know he loves me to death. I once told him he was acting like we were married when we were dating because he kept quizzing me about men calling my home.

My husband is not honest. While I have not caught him cheating, I have seen emails and text messages that were not innocent. I just have never actually caught him. He remains loving to me, holds me every night, warms my car in the morning, cleans the house, takes care of our two children and I guess he is a decent man. I just don’t trust him. He has a beautiful muscular physique and I’ve seen photos of him on the computer that were half nude. He also had a portfolio of him in swim wear(those I didn’t have issue with).

I haven’t been the best I can say that. But I know me fucking another man feels good. My husband found two hotel entries in my gps and I flat out denied and threatened to leave him and pitched a fit. I went out on New Years Eve to be with my lover and left the kids and my husband at home. I fucked him that night but I doubt my husband knows. I just slept with my panties on when I came home.

Yes I know unprotected sex is not smart but the dick and the attention he shows me is wonderful. While sex with my husband was good, I became bored with him. I have asked him for a divorce four times but he won’t leave. The fool got on his knees and begged me to stay. I did say I wanted to work it out but I can’t stop fucking my lover. My husband has sent me 100 roses before and says he loves me more. He also said he’d give his life for me. I just don’t feel the same.

I feel confident, excited and renewed fucking someone else. Even though I don’t have concrete evidence on my husband, I do feel vindicated to a degree. I haven’t sucked my husband’s dick in two years. He just doesn’t do it for me.

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Military Girlfriend Cheats with Lesbian

March 13, 2011

Written By:  Woman – 22 – Lesbian – USA

I’m not cheating on anyone. I’m the other girl.

I met a girl who’s been dating a soldier for 4 months. They’ve spent two weeks of their lives face to face, and they’re engaged. I question the seriousness of the relationship at times.

I started sleeping with her a couple weeks ago. I care about her a LOT, and even if I did end things, we run in the same circle. I couldn’t avoid her if I wanted to. The “fiance” comes home in 10 months. I feel like I’ll probably get kicked to the curb, but part of me is praying otherwise.

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Man Cheats with Catholic Girl Who Is Not On the Pill

March 12, 2011

Written By:  Man – 32 – Straight – Chicago, USA

Classic story. Boy meets bitch while sober with only the intention of taking in some eye candy and a little flirting. Boy drinks for several hours with bitch that can clearly handle her liquor. Boy tests to see if he can take her home. Bitch is down and agrees. Fcking ensues.

So, this is where the important part of the story begins. After fcking three times and closing it down for the night, this crazed bitch then proceeds to tell me, “You should probably know that I’m not on The Pill. I don’t trust all that hormone shit.”

To which I reply: “WHAT? What the FCK are you talking about?? Then why the FCK were you screaming for me to cum inside you and ‘don’t pull out’? What was that shit about?”

She then proceeds to tell me about her Catholic beliefs and some bullshit like that. Listen people, I’m not a Catholic basher, or an atheist for that matter, but damn it, that wasn’t the fcking time to talk theology and morality. She actually told me she was against birth control. WHAT?? And she was fcking serious!!!

DID YOU MUTHERFCKERS JUST READ WHAT I WROTE??? Her CATHOLIC morals?? I was fcking sick. Apparently, according to her “beliefs” fcking a guy she met while smoking outside a bar and fcking him without a condom is cool… but birth control… that’s some bullshit.

I know what some of you may be thinking: “Bro, why the fck don’t you have condoms at your place?? Are you insane?? And even worse, why the hell would you raw dog some dumb bitch you met outside a bar having a cigarette?? Sounds pretty stupid to me.”

Well, that’s an easy question to answer:

(1) She was really hot. Not some bullshit you tell your guy friends “hot”, no, she was actually and truly hot. Turns out she was having a shit day and just needed to get out after work (it was about 9:30 p.m.).

(2) I had a girlfriend and her spiritual beliefs didn’t prevent her from using the fucking Pill or birth control.

That’s why I didn’t have any fcking condoms. I didn’t usually fck random bitches I met in bars either. But I was drinking and the little head told me: “How often do you get to fck chicks like THIS? You better ask somebody!”

So, in the morning, I have to spend two fcking hours on my hands and knees begging this dumb bitch to take the Morning After Pill. Then she throws ANOTHER shocker. She tells me how she’s alone and lonely and wishes she had a baby and doesn’t give a fck who the father is. We are both now dead sober, so it’s just getting worse for me, hangover included. It took all my strength to keep from slapping this bitch up and down the street. But I kept my cool (cause you can’t be slapping these hoes, no matter how dumb they are). But you can bet your ass that I made sure to keep her around the whole day to make sure she took that shit.

Needless to say, after that, I realized I had a bit of a problem with alcohol. I stopped drinking and my life became better. I also realized that I had a woman at home that I didn’t deserve. She was better than me, in every way. Can’t tell you how ashamed I became. This loving woman was putting up with a worthless loser, and that asshole was me. Since then, I’ve cleaned up the ugly parts of my life and make it up to her every single day: cooking, cleaning, laundry, surprises, give her the personal space she needs (no questions asked), etc. I owe it to her. She doesn’t know it but I’ll be paying back my debt to her for the rest of my life. And I’m proud to do so.

How fcking stupid was I??

And HELL NO, I didn’t confess this shit. Are you FCKING crazy?

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Girl Sleeps with Black Guys Behind Virgin Boyfriend’s Back

March 12, 2011

Written By:  Woman – 19 – Straight – Pennsylvania, USA

i’m a white 19 year old girl and my boyfriend is white 21 yr old. we have been going out for two years i have been cheating on him a lot in the past year and half. it started when i moved out of my parents house with my friend into an apartment. She used to have her boyfriend and his friends over. Her boyfriend is black so are his friends. while she was having sex with her boyfriend in the room his friends were hitting on me. i always wanted to be with a black guy. i always found them sexy. so i went in the room with one and had sex with him. The sex was incredible. i never had such a big penis in me. it felt so good. I feel bad because the whole 2 yrs i was with my bf i never had sex with him. he used to beg me for it all the time. he is still a virgin.

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Husband Pays Stripper for Oral Sex

October 13, 2010

Written By:  Man – 39 – Straight – Big City, Texas

My wife has always trusted me. Even going to strip clubs. She always figured that looking wouldn’t cause any harm. One night, I decided to throw caution to the wind and paid one of the strippers to give me a blow job. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I know it would break her heart and it is some how made worse by the fact that she always trusted me 100%. I love my wife. I have what many people would call a happy marriage. Should I tell her?

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